Welcome to the Heart of the Matter

11.5.18 Introduction.png

Politics has as much to do with the heart as with the head.

There are those who disagree. There are technocrats who believe governing is basically a series of engineering problems. There are the data folks who believe politics can or should be reduced to an algorithm, constituents to a part of an equation. And there are utopist ideologues who believe that with just the right policy agenda we can cure all ills.

But this moment is shattering our illusions of a politics that is completely rational. This moment is reminding us that politics is about people and people have souls.

As Christians, we have always known that who we are affects what we do. We speak from the overflow of our heart (Matthew 12:34). We tweet that way, too. We vote that way.

It is with this understanding that I want to welcome you to The Heart of the Matter, a regular column on The Crux & The Call. Every week, this space will focus on the heart-side of our politics. I, along with invited guest contributors, will examine how our politics affects who we are as people, and how who we are as people affects our politics. As I wrote in my book, I truly believe the state of our politics is a reflection of the state of our souls. So, the question is, what kind of people do we need to become in order to have a healthier politics?

I am looking forward to asking this question together with you in the weeks and months ahead.